A Thumbnail Sketch of Buddhism for Christians

Episode 24 November 19, 2021 00:28:46
A Thumbnail Sketch of Buddhism for Christians
Knowing & Doing
A Thumbnail Sketch of Buddhism for Christians

Nov 19 2021 | 00:28:46


Show Notes

Dr. Gerald R. McDermott offers an insightful overview of the history, beliefs, and various schools of Buddhism. He helps Christian better understand their Buddhist neighbors and summarizes key similarities and differences between Buddhism and Christianity.

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Recommended Reading:

Tangible: Making God Known Through Deeds of Mercy and Words of Truth by Chris Sicks. NavPress, 2013.

In Tangible, author and pastor Chris Sicks speaks from his heart and his years of reaching out to others. Through practical resoures, biblical examples, and vignettes about real people, this book will equip you to introduce hurting people to God through intentional deeds of kindness. When you enter the world of the suffering with real help, you will reflect the love of Christ--the most tangible proof of God's existence. Purchase your copy here.


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