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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Christian Story and our Longing for Relationship

    According to Gregory Ganssle, the Christian story makes sense of our deepest longings. That is, the story that Christianity sets forth fits well with the things we value most and with the kinds of people we want to be. In this article, he develops one aspect of this fittingness, the ...


  2. The Remarkable Dorothy L. Sayers

    Dorothy L. Sayers, author of sixteen novels, ten plays, six translations, and twenty-four works of non-fiction, was an accomplished writer in multiple genres. In this article, Lindsey Scholl notes that Sayers had a hard-hitting, humorous, competent style, and argues that reading her would benefit many Christians today, particularly those inclined ...


  3. Greatness in God's Kingdom

    In this episode, Tom Tarrants presents a case study, from the Bible, of a group of ambitious men who sought human greatness long ago and how they discovered kingdom greatness. According to Tarrants, their experience has lessons for us today. Read the full article here. Recommended Reading: Jerry Bridges, The Blessing ...


  4. Art Lindsley: Character, Part 2

    What Is Character? Character assumes that our actions are not isolated from each other. Character is a pattern of choices flowing out of a person—a pattern of virtues or vices.  In Part 2 of “Character” Dr. Lindsley explores how to cultivate character. ...


  5. Art Lindsley: Character, Part 1

    It is wise, before entering into a long-term relationship, to consider the other person’s character. This is especially true in friendship, marriage, business partnership, etc. Love in a relationship is only safe when there is character present. Art Lindsley explores the ongoing crisis of character, the importance of character, and the ...