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August 12, 2022 00:22:40
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The Good Serves the Better and Both the Best - Part 1

According to Michael Ward, C.S. Lewis is probably the most influential practitioner of Christian apologetics over the last hundred years. In this article, he looks at the Lewis of the 1930s, prior to the time he wrote his most influential works, in order to examine some of the groundwork to his thinking that enabled him to become so effective an apologist. . .Read the full article. Recommended Reading: The Narnia Code: C. S. Lewis and the Secret of the Seven Heavens by Michael Ward ...



July 29, 2022 00:15:49
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Suggestions for Spending Daily Time with God

Tom Tarrants observes that God desires an intimate, personal relationship with His children and calls us to know, love and serve Him and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. As we do so, we will experience joy and delight. One of the means by which we can grow closer to God is by setting aside time each day to quietly read and reflect on God’s Word, lift our prayers to Him, and give thanks and praise to Him for who He is and for His goodness to us. In this article, Tarrants offers helpful suggestions that will aid you in developing your daily time with God and growing to know Him better and love Him more. Read this article online. Recommended Resource: Simplify Your Spiritual Life: Spiritual Disciplines for the Overwhelmed by Donald S. Whitney ...



July 15, 2022 00:14:39
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Heroics of Weakness

Aaron Welty lives an active life with cerebral palsy. While he has prayed for healing, he states that God has provided an unexpected prescription, showing that perseverance is the unexpected — and greater — miracle. In this article, Welty observes that truthfully we’re all weak in ways visible and invisible. He argues, however, that weakness can unexpectedly draw others toward a deeper understanding of who God is — and who we are as His creation — if we embrace it. Read this article online. Recommended Resources When God Weeps by Joni Eareckson Tada & Steve Tada ...



July 01, 2022 00:21:16
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The Glamour of Atheism

What makes atheism so appealing? Author Cameron McAllister makes the case that overlooking atheism’s appeal constitutes a serious strategic mistake for those of us who want to discuss the gospel with skeptics. Read this article on the C.S. Lewis Institute website. ...



June 17, 2022 00:30:44
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C.S. Lewis and the New Atheists

Andy Bannister argues that in considering how to deal with what has been termed the “New Atheism,” we can learn much from looking at C.S. Lewis’s atheism in his early life, “and his journey from it to Christ, as he engaged with the very kinds of arguments that the New Atheists are recycling today.” To read this full article, click here. Recommended Reading: Peter S. Williams, C.S. Lewis vs. The New Atheists (Paternoster, 2013) ...



June 03, 2022 00:18:54
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Modern Mythology Matters

Since the advent of Superman: The Movie in 1978, ushering in the modern era of superhero cinema, theater audiences have enjoyed blockbuster films focused on comic book characters. In this episode, Congressman Aaron Welty explores the modern mythology of comic book heroes and how superhero stories can be a doorway to deeper theological truth. Read this article online. Recommended Reading: Epic by John Eldredge. Discover the story that God is telling. ...