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Join us every two weeks for an audio article from Knowing & Doing, our quarterly teaching magazine, covering a wide variety of articles from nationally recognized leaders in discipleship, spirituality, theology, apologetics, and cultural analysis. Narrated by Aimee Reigert. Learn more at the
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Is Spiritual Transformation Really Possible?

    Tom Tarrants shares his dramatic story of coming to saving faith out of a life of prejudice, hatred, and self-righteousness. In fact, those adjectives don’t paint the picture as bad as it really was!  Tom’s story is inspiring as well as challenging. And it illustrates just how powerful and transformational ...


  2. Sexuality as an Apologetic by Lynne Marie Kohm

    Lynne Kohm asks, “How does your sexuality affect your witness as a Christian?” In this article, she argues that living and communicating a genuinely biblical view of sexuality is a most powerful apologetic today. Show Notes: To read the article: please visit: Todd A. Wilson, Mere Sexuality: Rediscovering the Christian Vision of Sexuality (Zondervan, ...


  3. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Career Choices

    According to William Fullilove, one of the joys of the past twenty years has been seeing a renewed emphasis on the doctrine of vocation in many Protestant churches—the understanding that God is pleased when each man and woman pursues his or her calling, whether that is to religious or “secular” ...


  4. Beast or Masterpiece: What Does It Mean to Be Human?

    Andy Bannister challenges the prevailing naturalistic worldview around us that insists that people are merely animals. The wide gap between our Biblical perspective – that people are unique, eternally valuable, and created in the image of God – and the dehumanizing trends in our world today are shown to be ...


  5. Thoughts on Why People Drift from the Faith

    Dan Osborn dares to wonder why some prominent Christians don’t persevere. As painful as the topic is, he rightly warns us not to ignore it. He also shares biblical insights as to how we can avoid the same tragic mistakes. ...