A Multifaceted Gospel for Multifaceted People

Episode 5 February 26, 2021 00:25:20
A Multifaceted Gospel for Multifaceted People
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A Multifaceted Gospel for Multifaceted People

Feb 26 2021 | 00:25:20


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Randy Newman shares an excerpt from his recent book Unlikely Converts: Improbable Stories of Faith and What They Teach Us About Evangelism that emphasizes the many ways Scripture talks about the Gospel. It’s not just about forgiveness (although that certainly is central and non-negotiable).


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To read the article: https://www.cslewisinstitute.org/A_Multifaceted_Gospel_for_Multifaceted_People



Recommended Reading 

Mere Apologetics: How to Help Seekers & Skeptics Find Faith

By: Alister E. McGrath

In the spirit of C. S. Lewis's Mere Christianity, Alister McGrath's Mere Apologetics seeks to equip readers to engage gracefully and intelligently with the challenges facing the faith today while drawing appropriately on the wisdom of the past. Rather than supplying the fine detail of every apologetic issue in order to win arguments, Mere Apologetics teaches a method that appeals not only to the mind but also to the heart and the imagination. This highly accessible, easy-to-read book is perfect for pastors, teachers, students, and lay people who want to speak clearly and lovingly to the issues that confront people of faith today.


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