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Latest Episodes…

  1. Lewis on Emotion

    In this article, Corey Latta addresses how C.S. Lewis wrote about emotion, and shares about what Lewis’s books have meant to him in his life. ...


  2. Augustine on Heaven and Rewards by Kevin Offner

    Two themes that surface in Augustine’s sermons that may be helpful for our discipleship: understanding (1) salvation as primarily a process, a pilgrimage that is completed only in the future at our final destination, heaven, and (2) future rewards as a motivating factor for present godliness. Show notes:  To read the ...


  3. Knowing God Personally

    The metaphor of birth provides a helpful way of understanding fuller implications of what it means to know God and to grow in that relationship. Just as a human being is physically born into the world and moves through a developmental cycle from infant to child to adolescent to adult, ...


  4. C.S. Lewis on Heaven and Hell by Stephen Eyre

    Lewis believed that a vigorous supernaturalism was essential to understanding Christianity. Central to Lewis’s supernaturalism was an unapologetic belief in heaven and hell. In this article, Eyre discusses heaven and hell in the writings of C.S Lewis.   Show notes: For a printed copy of this article go to Recommended Reading: ...